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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to take your child’s Superior ID card, 2085 Form or your child’s Medicaid ID card.

ID cards come in the new member welcome packet that is mailed to the child’s caregiver. The packet also includes a welcome letter, member handbook, provider directory and Texas Health Steps information.

You get unlimited prescriptions through your Medicaid or CHIP coverage if you go to a pharmacy in Superior’s network. There are some medications that may not be covered through Medicaid or CHIP. A pharmacy in the Superior network can let you know which medications are not covered. The pharmacy can also help you find another medication that is covered. You can also ask your doctor or clinic about what medications are covered, and what is best for you.

Superior provides prescriptions for all its members through drug stores contracted with Superior. You can get your prescriptions filled at most drug stores in Texas, including CVS, HEB, Randall’s, Target and Walgreens. You can also get them filled at many other pharmacies or log into the Express Scripts (ESI) Pharmacy Member Portal for mail order options. If you need help finding a drug store, call Superior at 1-866-912-6283. A list is also available online at Find a Provider. Remember to always take your Superior ID card and your Texas Medicaid card with you to the drug store.

Children and young adults in foster care can get an eye exam once a year or more if their eyesight changes a lot. Children in foster care can also get glasses once every two years or more if their eye sight changes a lot. Glasses can be replaced if they are lost or broken. Children in foster care are eligible for eye care services up to the age of 21. Call 1-866-642-8959 for help in finding an eye care provider.

Texas Health Steps is a program that provides regular medical, dental and vision checkups. It also provides vaccinations to members from birth through age 20. The checkups are very important. Texas Health Steps will help you know if your child is doing well and how to keep them healthy.

You can make an appointment with any Superior provider that does Texas Health Steps checkups. Texas Health Steps providers are included in the find a doctor tool. You can call Member Services at 1-866-912-6283 if you need help finding a Texas Health Steps provider or need help making an appointment.

Your child should get regular checkups to make sure his or her teeth and gums are healthy. Dental checks need to be done every six months starting at age six months. Call Member Services at 1-866-912-6283 to get the name of a dentist closest to you. You can also call DentaQuest at 1-888-308-4766.

Member Services can make Primary Care Provider (PCP) changes, send you replacement ID cards if lost or stolen and help explain benefits. They can help make appointments for your child. Member Services can also refer you to other staff that can help with community resources. Call 1-866-912-6283 for help.

The CANS Assessment is a tool that measures a member's strengths and needs. It is used to help create a plan of service so that the member can get the best care possible.

STAR Health members, 3 to 17 years old, are required to get a CANS Assessment within 30 days of joining Superior.

The CANS Assessment must be performed by a certified CANS provider. For more information, or to get help scheduling a CANS Assessment, call Member Services at 1-866-912-6283.

Children often do not tell people about their feelings, but they can show symptoms that might mean help is needed. Superior can help you find someone to talk to for you or your child. There are many providers and programs to help you. Superior will help you schedule an appointment for you or your child. Call Superior Member Services 1-866-218-8263

Some of the services Superior offers are:

  • Psychiatry services
  • Psychological testing
  • Rehabilitation skills training
  • Detoxification services
  • Education, planning and coordination of your care through our Service Management and Coordination Department
  • Depression Disease Management program

Your member handbook has a list of the services available. You can also call Member Services at 1-866-912-6283 to find out more.

If your child is already getting behavioral health care, ask your provider if he or she is in the Superior network. If the answer is yes, you do not need to do anything. If the answer is no, call 1-866-218-8263. Superior will ask your provider if they would like to join our network. We want you to keep getting the care you need.

If you are having an emergency, you should call 911, dial 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or visit a crisis center or emergency room. For more assistance, visit our Behavioral Health Resources page.

Member Services can make Primary Care Provider (PCP) changes, send you replacement ID cards if lost or stolen and help explain benefits. Call 1-866-912-6283 for help.