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There are many benefits and services that STAR Health members can get from Superior. Some of these are:

  • Preventive health. This includes regular Texas Health Steps medical checkups and immunizations, office visits, Texas Health Steps dental checkups and visits to the eye doctor.
  • Behavioral health care. This includes care services for emotional, behavioral or developmental health.
  • Hospital coverage. This means inpatient services such as hospitalizations and surgeries.
  • Prescriptions and medical supplies. Medications prescribed by a physician and medical supplies such as glucose strips and bandages.
  • Telemedicine. Providers will give consultations and assessments using teleconference capabilities.
  • Health Passport. This is an online program offering access to health information for children in foster care.

More information about the benefits and services available to STAR Health members is in the member handbook. You can also call STAR Health Member Services for questions at 1-866-912-6283.