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UPDATED: Financial Management Services Agencies Should Suspend Face-to-Face Activities

Date: 11/23/21

Please Note: This article has been updated. Please review the new article for details.

Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced that Financial Management Services Agencies (FMSAs) have suspended face-to-face Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employer orientations through the extended date of January 31, 2022*, in response to COVID-19. As an alternative, FMSAs should provide virtual or telephonic orientations through January 31, 2022*.

Effective February 1, 2022, FMSAs can permanently conduct new employer orientation virtually (i.e. audio-visual) in addition to allowing in-person orientations, based on member preference. A new HHS notice with updated guidance and more detailed information will be posted once available.  

Additional Guidance

During this pandemic, CDS employers are also advised to limit the number of people entering the homes of individuals receiving services. Persons should be denied entry if they:

  • Have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat.
  • Have had contact with someone in the last 14 days who has a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or is under investigation for COVID-19.
  • Have traveled internationally to countries with sustained community transmission in the last 14 days.

HHS strongly encourages individuals to refrain from attending public events in which people are gathered. This includes refraining from receiving day habilitation services in group settings.

For additional information regarding the suspension of face-to-face activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, please see COVID-19 Guidance for FMSAs and CDS Employers.

For the latest news on Coronavirus, please visit the Foster Care Texas Coronavirus Updates webpage.

*Please note: Previously, the end date for this guidance was April 30, 2020, then extended to May 31, June 30, July 31, October 23, November 30, December 31, 2020, January 31, February 28, March 31, April 30, May 31, June 30, July 31, August 31, September 30, October 31, and November 30, 2021. This notice is extended until January 31, 2022.