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Talking to Your Patients About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Date: 12/14/20

As COVID-19 vaccines are approved and distributed, providers will be a key part in their adoption and administration to the American public. Patients look to their health-care professionals for medical guidance and assurance, and while much is still unknown, you can start laying the groundwork now for when the vaccines are available.

As your partners in health care, Superior HealthPlan would like to share some tips for effectively setting expectations and addressing questions from your patients.

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Resources section of the Foster Care Texas Coronavirus Updates webpage, to learn more about:

  • Starting COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations Early
  • Engaging in Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations
  • Answering Patient Questions about the Vaccine
  • Obtaining Vaccine Updates from Trusted Sources