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Revised EVV Policies Effective 10/1 and Best Practices for Temporary Policies for COVID-19

Date: 10/21/20

Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) has revised the following Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) policies, effective October 1, 2020. This information is for providers and Financial Management Services Agencies (FMSAs), and is located on the HHS EVV webpage in the “Policy” section.

Revised Policies Effective October 1

  • Claims Matching Policy (PDF)
    • The policy includes additional EVV claims match result codes, and identifies exceptions to the claims matching process. 
  • Claims Submission Policy (PDF)
    • The policy includes detailed information about the requirement to submit claims for EVV-required services to the appropriate HHS claims management system.
    • The EVV Billing Policy has been incorporated into the policy.

For any questions about these revised policies, please email

Best Practices for Temporary EVV Policies for COVID-19

The temporary EVV policies for COVID-19 were revised by HHS on July 30, 2020. These revised policies allow providers required to use EVV 180 calendar days from the date of the visit to complete visit maintenance. The policies also require providers to submit a claim for an EVV-required service before completing visit maintenance.

HHS recommends providers follow the normal EVV claims submission process. To do this, confirm an EVV visit transaction is accepted in the EVV Portal before submitting the claim.

When not possible due to situations affected by COVID-19, providers should refer to Best Practices for Temporary EVV Policies for COVID-19 (PDF). This ensures an EVV visit transaction supporting the EVV claim is accepted in the EVV Portal and matches the claim within 180-calendar days from the date of the visit, or the claim may be recouped.

Additional Information

For questions, please contact your payer or email For more information, visit the HHS EVV webpage