New Legislative Mandate for Private Duty Nursing Ratios

Author: Ben Triola
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Dear Medical Consenter/Caregiver,

This is to notify you that Superior HealthPlan Network (Foster Care) will begin new Private Duty Nursing (PDN) ratios as required by the Legislature. Beginning November 1, 2011, Superior will review each PDN request for:

  • medical necessity
  • appropriate hours
  • additional information to see if 2 or 3 children can be cared for by one nurse based on the child’s current condition.

This change will begin with any new request, any request for a change in hours and any request to continue private duty nursing.

Superior is working with the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Home Health Agencies to make this change. We will continue to keep you updated.

Please call our Member Services Department if you have any questions about your health care services. Our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish. Please call us at 1-866-912-6283.


Superior HealthPlan Network

Readability Stat: 8.9

This entry is filed under News.

New Legislative Mandate for Private Duty Nursing Ratios